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How To Choose a Compliance Officer

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Finding the RIGHT Compliance Officer Where to start?

It can take anywhere from three to six months to teach someone how to handle a fully operating Compliance Department, once trained, Direct Selling Solutions will continue in a supervisory role. 

First things first, who do you know?

  • Whose desk does your company’s compliance issues land on, currently?
  • Who is handling callers who are upset, frustrated and angry about your Policies and Procedures? 
  • Who is monitoring internal policies about field compliance? 

It is important to have the right person in the position of Compliance Officer. The wrong person may cause your company irreversible harm. Make wise choices. Don’t be afraid to cut an unqualified person from the Department. Eventually, it will save you money and frustration. 

Let’s start with the people who will be running the Compliance Department. You will need someone you can trust, someone with letter writing skills, with great follow up and follow through skills to run the department. First, let’s look at the current talent to pull from within the company. Is there an obvious choice? There are some obvious choices that are Not Recommended such as 

  • The Founder
  • The Owner 
  • Spouse of Owner or Founder 
  • Current President or VP of any department
  • Master Distributor
  • The Shipping Clerk 

So many times, we learn the person selected by the owner to be the Compliance Officer fits in one of the above categories. Under almost all circumstances the above people do not make good Compliance Officers nor support your company’s compliance department operations which is vital to the long-term success of your company. An experienced professional Compliance Consultant such as the team at Direct Selling Solutions must monitor the person you choose.

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For years, Donna Marie has worked, consulted, and published works with some of the most recognized Direct Selling Professionals;

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