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Donna Marie Seritella

Compliance Expert & MLM Strategist

Respected Direct Selling industry compliance expert, mentor and author, Donna Marie has worked exclusively with direct selling owners and their Network Marketing attorneys and collaborated with other industry experts since 1991.


Direct Selling Solutions, led by Donna Marie, is a consulting firm that focuses on the industry and is comprised of seasoned professionals. The firm was established with the mission to help protect, educate, and mentor Network Marketing professionals on how to set up, manage, monitor, and enforce for an effective Compliance Department.

For decades, Donna Marie has worked with numerous, well recognized Network Marketing expert attorneys through out the country. She was a contributing author of two chapters in the book, “Build it Big – 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts.”

Seeing a need for a book designed to help Direct Selling professional’s set-up, manage, and operate a functional, and legally sound Compliance Department Donna Marie authored the highly reviewed “Compliance Solutions: What the FTC Won’t Tell You, We Will.”

She participates regularly as a speaker at corporate events, produces her own seminars and takes every opportunity to educate the field and the public. Events include MLM2Squared, The Direct Selling Edge, MLM Virtual Training, and a variety of Bucket List and motivational presentations.

Truly the “Queen of Compliance,” Donna Marie is always ready to share her passion for teaching people about the manybenefits of having a home-based business and why Network Marketing is the best choice.  

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