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Dorris Wood

Direct Selling Expert Since 1976

Long before the Internet, cell phones and technology she elevated personal connections in business to an art form she built up her business and supported her people proving that working from the heart is the surest path to success.


In 1964, she led her small group to generated sales of $1 million ($9 million in today’s economy).  Then with her first two entrepreneurial companies, Alo Essence and PCA, established her50,000 distributor-strong global force in the MLM industry, building an astounding 62-year career that shows no signs of slowing.

Her passion to share hard-earned wisdom, to champion women in business, and to find time for everything and everyone inspires her to reach entrepreneurs in numerous ways.

Doris’s acclaimed seminar, “No Hype, Just How,” encapsulates the proven methods by which she continued building multi-million-dollar companies and the foundation upon which her business empire rests.

She has authored everything from books to company manuals and nearly every print medium between. We’ve Only Just Begun, a 50-year history of MLM, and Direct Sales/MLM/Network Marketing Dictionary are preeminent textbooks for the industry. Her articles have appeared nationally, and in global newspapers, including the Times of London, the LA Times, and piles of publications she takes delight in being unable to translate. Nearly every MLM-based book mentions or quotes her.

Appearing on the “MLM After Hours” show on Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils and making guest appearances on numerous radio and television talk shows, including NBC’s “Today Show” and CBS’s “Person to Person.” She taught MLM as part of the high-profile education organization The Learning Annex, and her speaking engagements crisscrossed three continents and dozens of cultures, often as the first American female to hold such distinction.

Trade press, global business leaders, and academia have honored Doris’s contributions to the network marketing industry. In 1989, the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), bestowed Doris with the inaugural Hall of Fame Award. Ten years later, Doris became one of eight, and the first female recipient, of the International Network Marketing Hall of Fame. The Industry Icon Award (2001), the Who’s Who Worldwide Registry, Direct Selling Live’s first Industry Legend Award (2010), Nexera Top Industry Speaker (2011),Asian Networkers Lifetime Achievement (2012), the Freedom Award (2013) and TAMM’s Hall of Fame Award highlight her influence across decades. She was named to the board of advisors at the University of Illinois’s graduate business school and has worked with the ongoing business program at the University of Texas, El Paso.

In a lifetime of accomplishment, the love of her eleven children, nine by adoption, and three grandchildren who will always be her proudest triumph, the dear friends she has in this fantastic industry, and her Messianic Congregation.

Since 1985, Doris has served variously as co-founder, President and Executive Director of the MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association). Her belief in service ensures she will never retire. She continues her mission to strengthen network marketing around the world. She brought  visionary excellence to the Social Networking Association, and now the MLM Hall of Fame.

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