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This educational piece brought to you by Direct Selling Solutions & Donna Marie Serittella truly provides the "ABC's of MLM"

"Bringing It Back To The Basics

Not many individuals in our industry are teaching the basics, the ABC’s of MLM, or how to run a home based business. Which is why I took that leap of faith and decided that it's time for the general public to have access to the basics of MLM.

"All About Building AND PROTECTING an Empire"

You will learn how a simple word can raise red flags for regulatory scrutiny.  Any income representations without using a correct version of a company IDS (Income Disclaimer Statement) can be very problematic.

"The Most of Applicable Book of 2023"

Once you get through all of the chapters, you will hold the key to understanding the basics of the MLM industry.  Then you will be able to apply the information and develop your own specific terms, replies and responses