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Almost everything you ever wanted to know about Network Marketing - but didn't know to ask!

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How MLM Squared Started...

30-year MLM Compliance expert and author, Donna Marie Serritella, gives you the facts - and some funny stories - about starting your own home-based business in the MLM industry in this fun, free, and informative virtual event!

Have you ever wondered...

What the heck is Network Marketing, Direct Selling, Multi-Level Marketing?

What are the major trends in Network Marketing - and how can I use it to my advantage?

How do I choose the right product, service, or and company that's RIGHT for ME?

Then this special event is for you!

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MLM Squared Organizer
Donna Marie Serritella

  • Author | Compliance Solutions - What the FTC Won't Tell You - We Will!
  • 30-year MLM veteran
  • Industry-Leading Compliance Expert
  • Direct Selling Solution's Founder & Director
  • For more information please visit

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