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We help business not only keep an eye on distributors, but also their brand, reputation, and compliance.

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What Can Our MLM Monitoring Software
Do For You

Reputation Monitoring

Whether something is said in a podcast, typed online, or a meme is made about your product we will know, and act accordingly. In fact D.D, our digital detective can catch what is on the internet about your brand.

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E-commerce Monitoring

When having hundreds, if not thousands, of SKUs it can be difficult to monitor. On top of that your brand is on Amazon, Ebay, and more. You must utilize technology to protect your brand through monitoring.

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Compliance Monitoring

We monitor your compliance 24/7 and provide ongoing documentation of trademark and compliance violations. We also provide compliance audits & provide enforcement with distributors nationwide.

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Why Outsource Compliance Monitoring?

There are several reasons. Do you have enough staff, time, and resources to manually search where your product is, how much is selling for, and most importantly the reputation through social media, televisions, podcast, and more?

What Do We Monitor?

  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Websites (Including New Sites)
  • Amazon, Mercaari, Poshmark, & Ebay
  • Podcasts
  • Online Groups (Including Private Groups)
  • Catching What's Said On The Web

Hire D.D. Your Digital Detective

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We are proud to have some big brands in our corner

Certified & Trusted

There really are not enough superlatives to describe Donna Marie’s skills and competence. She is a veritable “one-woman army” who brings a vast breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities to the table.

Kevin Grimes

Lead Direct Selling Attorney

She has the skills to identify and solve compliance-related problems. She’s remarkable and I highly recommend her to any company looking to tighten their screws in the compliance department.

Kevin Thompson

Partner of Thompson Burton

Donna & I have shared many clients. She is knowledgeable, articulate, responsive, and – especially important to me – very sensitive to legal issues.

Gerry Nehra

Direct Selling Attorney