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We help business not only keep an eye on distributors, but also their brand, reputation, and compliance.

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What Can Our MLM Monitoring Software
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Distributor Monitoring

Direct Selling Solutions offers more solutions than other monitors.  With web and social platform monitoring, paid search ad monitoring and video transcription to name just a few of the services our direct sellers use.   We have rule set methodology and a rule engine unlike any in the industry. That’s why IntegriShield has been selected by companies, industry associations and self-regulators as the partner they trust.

Affiliate Monitoring

How confident are you that your third-party marketers are accurate and compliant?  Our leadership team has over 20 years of affiliate management and marketing experience.  We have the unique background to understand the sometimes complex and confusing web of affiliate channels.  Even if the affiliate you work with directly monitors known content, their network of affiliates puts you at risk with content they are not aware of.  Add our technology to your arsenal to reduce risk, vet affiliates, improve efficiency, and reduce the costs compared to other services out there.

Trademark Monitoring

Trademark Infringement is one of the leading violations discovered. It’s a challenge for every client and industry. The unauthorized use of your brand can result in lost revenue and loss of reputation. It can even put a target on your business if a consumer unknowingly ties your brand to a violation perpetrated by a bad actor falsely affiliating with your business. Use IntegriShield’s proven methods to identify bad actors and have their sites removed.

Why Outsource Compliance Monitoring?

There are several reasons. Do you have enough staff, time, and resources to manually search where your product is, how much is selling for, and most importantly the reputation through social media, televisions, podcast, and more?

A Free Webinar Where You Will Learn Rules Regarding Marketing Compliance On

  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Websites (Including New Sites)
  • Amazon, Mercaari, Poshmark, & Ebay
  • Podcasts
  • Online Groups (Including Private Groups)
  • Catching What's Said On The Web
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Certified & Trusted

There really are not enough superlatives to describe Donna Marie’s skills and competence. She is a veritable “one-woman army” who brings a vast breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities to the table.

Kevin Grimes

Lead Direct Selling Attorney

She has the skills to identify and solve compliance-related problems. She’s remarkable and I highly recommend her to any company looking to tighten their screws in the compliance department.

Kevin Thompson

Partner of Thompson Burton

Donna & I have shared many clients. She is knowledgeable, articulate, responsive, and – especially important to me – very sensitive to legal issues.

Gerry Nehra

Direct Selling Attorney