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What Others Are Saying About Donna Marie and Her Team

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"She has the skills to identify and solve compliance-related problems. She also has the demeanor to navigate discussions with ownership to get things done. She's remarkable and I highly recommend her to any company looking to tighten their screws in the compliance department."

- Kevin Thompson, Managing Partner of Thompson Burton

Some Letters of Recommendation

What Other Are Saying About The Compliance Queen.

Gerry Nehra
Direct Selling Specialist Attorney

Donna & I have shared many clients. She is knowledgeable, articulate, responsive, and – especially important to me – very sensitive to legal issues.

Barb Lent
Partner at Clearlake LLC

Donna Marie is a great inspiration to fellow women entrepreneurs. Spend some time with her. It is worth it!

Richard Flint
Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, - CEO of Richard Flint International

I have known Donna Marie for 6 years and in that time have found her to be one of the most creative and innovative minds I have ever met. If you are seeking a person who can help you with your Direct Selling needs, look no further — Donna Marie is your person.

Richard Waak
Principal Attorney at Nehra & Waak, Attorneys

I have known Donna Marie for several years and have worked side-by-side with her when we were providing related services to mutual client companies. I have always found Donna Marie’s work to be well and timely done. She is a diligent, detail oriented and very knowledgeable consultant to client companies in the direct selling business.

Bryan Noar
VP Marketing & General Manager at SELFHELPWORKS, Inc.

Donna Marie performed distributor regular compliance work for our direct sales company on an independent contractor basis. She has a deep understanding of the industry and did an outstanding job of working without supervision to research, document and resolve distributor compliance issues. She communicated with the field in a diplomatic way that kept them motivated while at the same time making sure they functioned within the P&P. Her reports were timely and thorough, allowing management to deal efficiently with escalated issues. I would not hesitate to hire Donna Marie again in a similar situation.

Steve Richards
Member at Reese Poyfair Richards, PLLC

I have known and worked with Donna Marie for over 10 years. Over that period of time, we have had many mutual clients and I have been able to observe Donna Marie’s work product and work ethic up close and personal. She is extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented in the direct selling industry. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any direct selling company that is in need of consulting services, particularly compliance consulting. She is also a pleasure to be around.

Terrel Transtrum
Consumer Services Consultant and Contractor

Donna Marie delivers highly specialized services at all levels in compliance, an absolute must for our direct-selling clients. She is loyal, highly knowledgeable, and adds a personal touch to an otherwise difficult area of distributor support and administration.

Michael Lebb
Business Owner

Donna Marie has been a valuable contact and resource in this entrepreneurial journey. Her depth of knowledge and experience in the industry are superior to what is available for a start up venture.

Kevin Grimes
Member at Thompson Burton, PLLC

There really are not enough superlatives to describe Donna Marie’s skills and competence. She is a veritable “one-woman army” who brings a vast breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities to the table. Her understanding of the direct selling/MLM industry, her command of a myriad of operational, financial, and compliance issues, her attention to detail, her extraordinary abilities to interact effectively with corporate executives and field leaders, her stellar professionalism, and her pit bull tenacity are simply the best in the business. Working with her is always a pleasure. My clients have sung Donna Marie’s praises for years, not only for the performance she provides but also for the exceptional value at which she provides it. If I was a direct selling or MLM entrepreneur and there was only one consultant I could choose, it would be Donna Marie.

Rory Ricord
Master Cellar at Direct Cellars

Donna Marie is a one of a kind GEM!!! This GAL works her guts out. She is dedicated and very detailed. She is also one of the most integrity filled persons I know.