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Helping Businesses and Professionals Remain Compliant, Reputable, and Prosperous.

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Monitoring & Enforcement

Proprietary Monitoring & Enforcement Technologies For The Direct Selling Industry

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MLM Compliance Services

Compliance Departments Built By One & Only Donna Marie, The Queen of Compliance

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All Inclusive MLM Strategy

From Amway's Attorney to World Class Startegy, Have The Right People In Your Corner

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We are all about compliance, reputation, and the growth of your professional success.

Direct Selling Solutions mission is to create a company built on a foundation of values that are essential to a long and prosperous future –integrity, teamwork and a commitment to excellence.

Connecting liked-minded individuals is the recipe for success.

From Direct Selling companies to MLM professionals, Direct Selling Solutions strives to bring MLM marketers together through compliance training, reputation monitoring, and resources that will lead to inevitable growth.

The Ultimate Compliance Playbook by Donna Marie.

Just a bit about what you will learn:
•What is Compliance
•Secrets to Compliance Protection
•Compliance Preparedness
•Building a Compliance Team
•What’s Next / Next Steps

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The fate of your company depends on compliance. The "Compliance Queen", Donna Marie, has developed comprehensive compliance plans that have have saved countless companies.

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People write, say, believe or feel a certain way about your business; we retrieve these conversations to enable businesses and organizations to listen, view, respond and engage.

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The wisest direct selling executives are always growing. They don't sit around and wait, they find opportunities to grow. They understand that the long-term success of their companies depends on it.

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Your Source for Direct Selling Compliance, Reputation, & Growth

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Certified & Trusted

There really are not enough superlatives to describe Donna Marie’s skills and competence. She is a veritable “one-woman army” who brings a vast breadth and depth of expertise and capabilities to the table.

Kevin Grimes

Lead Direct Selling Attorney

She has the skills to identify and solve compliance-related problems. She’s remarkable and I highly recommend her to any company looking to tighten their screws in the compliance department.

Kevin Thompson

Partner of Thompson Burton

Donna & I have shared many clients. She is knowledgeable, articulate, responsive, and – especially important to me – very sensitive to legal issues.

Gerry Nehra

Direct Selling Attorney

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