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MLM Compliance VT is an organization dedicated to Multi-Level Marketing and Compliance Training. With world wide reach for companies and organizations this platform will ensure that you comply while you thrive.

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What is MLM Compliance VT?

MLM Compliance VT was developed for teams to be on the same page in terms of MLM regulations and compliance. This training's prime focus is making sure your entire team knows how to protect the house.

Why should my team use MLM Compliance VT?

Your Compliance Officer probably knows about compliance, but in the world of MLM that's not good enough. Your whole team has the potential of accidentally harming your company's reputation. Managers are able to track progress in order to ensure their employees have taken the appropriate training.

How Does MLM Compliance VT Work?

We have compliance down to a science, but that science involves some customization. Compliance VT accounts for that and gives managers the tools necessary to have an impenetrable compliance team.

10 Courses That Will Transform Your Compliance Department.

  1. Fast Start to Compliance - Learn WHY regulatory compliance is THE MOST VITAL aspect of your MLM business, and protects its long-term viability, profitability, and success.
  2. Pyramids - This course teaches what a pyramid is, and how regulators and courts analyze MLM programs. Avoid turning your legal MLM into an illegal pyramid. Course
  3. Income Claims and Earnings Representations - This course teaches what federal regulators REQUIRE for proper income and earning claims. Avoid being sued or having your assets frozen.
  4. Securities - This course teaches how securities laws can devastate a legal MLM program, if violated! Avoid turning your legitimate MLM into an illegal security.
  5. Franchisees and Business Opportunities - This course teaches how franchise/business opportunity laws can apply to MLMs. Avoid claims that can trigger their application and shut you down.
  6. Lotteries - This course explores how lottery laws have been used to shut down legitimate MLM programs. Learn how to protect your business and your company!
  7. Buying Clubs - This course analyzes how MLM programs can inadvertently violate buying club laws. Learn to promote your MLM properly and safely so that you don’t!
  8. Certificate Programs - This course teaches you how to properly market product certificates and certificate programs. Learn how to promote them confidently and legally.
  9. Auto-Ship and Auto-Order Programs - This course teaches the legal issues surrounding Auto-Ship/Auto-Order programs. Learn how to promote them legally and avoid regulatory challenges.
  10. Cooling Off Laws - This course teaches federal cooling-off laws and how they impact your sales efforts. Learn why and how to avoid breaking these important laws.

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