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You need to know that everyone can use your site, regardless of ability.

By streamlining accessibility, accessiBe's solutions empower businesses of all sizes to take the inclusive approach and comply with ADA & WCAG.

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Why choose accessiBe? 

The opportunity for our society is enormous! Just imagine how fast our society will progress in every sector if 1.5 Billion (!) people as intelligent, talented, and driven as anyone finally receive access to the full potential of the world's largest resource pool. The internet.
Disability community-led

Guided by the disability community

Patented technology

Powerful AI-Powered solutions

Highest success rate

By a tremendous margin

Fantastic customer service. They were available, attentive to our needs, and responsive to all our requests. From first inquiry to follow up they were with us every step of the way, making the whole experience pleasant and easy.

Lisa L.

Extremely professional and polite staff. They listened to our needs and provided feedback that identified how their service could be implemented on our website. I appreciated the follow up provided to questions.

Harris H.

This app checks off all the boxes for accessibility compliance. We want to make sure that we are doing everything to be an inclusive online brand and this app allows us to do that without missing any parts!

Jessie J.

My rep is amazing, very helpful and responsive. If he doesn't know the answer he quickly finds it or connects me with the proper team They have assisted with multiple audits, and that process is very easy to get started.

Timothy N.
Web accessibility 
at scale  is finally a reality! 
By leveraging machine learning, we are revolutionizing how websites are made accessible. Our technology enables us to take a scaleable approach to web accessibility in a business-friendly way, from auditing and testing to remediation.Together with the disability community, we make the possibility of an accessible internet a practical reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Regarding Website Accessibility & Compliance
What Do I Have To Do For My Website To Be ADA Compliant?

In order for your website to be compliant, you will need to follow and implement WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 level AA requirements.

Does Your AI Collect Data From My Website?

accessScan does not collect data from your website and it is compliant with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Why Is ADA Compliance For a Website Important?

There are two main reasons that your website compliance is important: usability and lawsuits.

How Would I Know If My Website Is ADA Compliant?

We Would Suggest Contacting A Compliance Specialist With the Chat Below And Requesting a Free Audit.