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Congratulations on making the choice to become involved in direct selling! Direct-selling opportunities can be powerful, profitable, and fulfilling. Initially you might get introduced to a program because of a product you try, or perhaps by a friend, neighbor, relative, or even a business associate. It is a rare occasion when anyone wakes up and proclaims, “Today is the day that I am going to select a direct-selling opportunity!" Because of this, more often than not, people find themselves in a direct-selling opportunity before they realize it has happened. Sound familiar? Truly, however, joining a direct-selling company is a choice you make, not a circumstance you fall into. Making the selection of which opportunity is right for you deserves your best efforts.

Here's the problem. People rarely make a conscious choice when selecting an opportunity. Most often they don't even give any consideration to which opportunity would be best for them. What typically happens is that people allow an opportunity to select them and before they know it, they are in deep-or they cannot get going and give up in disgust. If you are reading this book, I assume that you have decided to learn more about becoming successful in direct selling. If you are an opportunity seeker, than you may be searching for tips on how to select the best opportunity. Or possibly, you have found yourself in a situation related to direct selling and you are looking for some answers. It could be that you are attempting to figure out what went right, or even what went wrong, with the last direct selling opportunity you undertook.

Maybe you are just wondering how they" did it—those friends of yours, who you may think are, let's say, as dumb as a box of rocks, yet they are making obscene incomes from selling vitamins or from getting their friends to switch long distance services. You may be sitting there scratching your head, asking yourself, "What do they know that I don't?"

Well, you don't need to worry any longer. If you are ready to discover the secrets that many do not know, then keep reading. Open your mind to the world of direct selling and the potentially unlimited opportunities that await you. The truth of the matter is that you can do it too!

Using The Right Tools Look carefully at all the details of the opportunity. Take time to consider all your options, based on the advantages and disadvantages that each opportunity offers, then compare the choices. You will be making a calculated decision instead of just being selected. In the long run, you'll feel really good about your final decision, and be in an environment where you can succeed.

When you attend an opportunity meeting, you must protect yourself from the emotion of the meeting, and from the representative soliciting you. Opportunity meetings are designed to give off lots of energy and be exciting. Whoever invited you to the meeting wants to be your sponsor and has a vested interest in you selecting her program, on her team. Just be careful of making an emotional decision you may later regret.

Use these tips to evaluate an MLM opportunity:

  • Protect yourself from the excitement of others.
  • Take your time and do your research
  • Ask quality, fact-finding questions from multiple resources.
  • Evaluate, evaluate, and evaluate, then compare.

About the Author

For years, Donna Marie has worked, consulted, and published works with some of the most recognized Direct Selling Professionals;

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