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Like e-commerce businesses in general, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies must be highly sophisticated and continuously refine and shift their marketing strategies. The most successful ecommerce Direct Selling companies clearly grasp marketing principles including those listed below. 

Marketing Strategies for Direct Selling Companies Must:

  1. Understand the essential nature of well-designed, easy-to navigate websites that retain buyer interest, including both customers and distributors. 
  2. Develop loyal consumers by avoiding and eliminating customer service problems which lead to highly-publicized consumer dissatisfaction. 
  3. Engage and have a robust presence in the new media called, “Social Networking”. 
  4. Recognize the world is now their marketplace and incorporate language translators and global shipping to overcome the barriers of language and distance.
  5. Carefully define target markets and craft both messages and products to resonate with primary and secondary audiences
  6. Provide 24/7 instant access and continually update digital e-commerce tools to make the buying experience more streamlined and advance sales. 
  7. Offer fast, faster, and the fastest order fulfillment to maintain and grow a consumer base. 
  8. Utilize marketing copy which highlights any guarantees and easy return policies. 
  9. Identify niche markets so companies can target messages and goods to groups of consumers who are commercially underserved. 
  10. Access well-documented research on buying behavior of not merely demographic market segments, but psychographic profiles as well. 
  11.  Implement measures to increase the volume of each online transaction so the net return on each order increases along with the number of orders. 
  12. Ensure their e-commerce websites are readily available across all electronic platforms. 
  13. Avoid the “stillness” of some e-commerce sites by utilizing a live chat system to answer consumer questions in real time as they’re shopping. 
  14. Eliminate unanticipated costs which dims enthusiasm, and leads to purchase abandonment. 
  15. Sell products on social media platforms like Instagram as well as on e-commerce sites.
  16. Utilize clear, descriptive and effective photos of products offered. 
  17. Finally, remember to also provide other state-of-the-art marketing approaches. 

Many e-commerce, Direct-Selling companies focus their energy exclusively on sales and marketing while paying little attention to Compliance. As a result, they threaten their overall E-commerce success story by failing to comply with regulations. This is a huge oversight. 

When these e-commerce businesses are also Direct Selling companies, the need for understanding and complying with regulations becomes exceptionally important. In fact, it’s almost more important than Direct Selling companies that operate exclusively offline. After all, regulators need only see a page on your website or in a social media post to start an investigation on your company.

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