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MLM Attorneys are experienced individuals who specialize in the legal issues of concern for network marketing companies. They strive on counseling clients to assist them in mitigation, avoiding litigation, and representing them in other areas of law. These individuals are dedicated to practicing their best law practices within the multi-level-marketing industry and direct sales. Below you will find just a few of our current MLM Attorneys.

Kevin Thompson - MLM Lawyer

Kevin Thompson is a MLM Lawyer and founding member of Thompson Burton PLLC. Kevin Thompson has wide-ranging experience that is key to helping entrepreneur’s businesses take-off in good and legal standings. Thompson serves a wide variety of industries ranging from early start ups to world renowned Wall Street businesses. Kevin Thompson developed his passion for direct sales at an early age in the midst of selling energy drinks for extra cash while going through school. Shortly after he became drawn to the world of young network marketing. Thompson, as a DSA supplier member, is active in helping the industry strive. He has played a major role in the improvement of the network marketing industry from all angles. Doing things such as passing state legislation regarding anti-pyramid rules, denouncing inventory loading practices, and educating the community on best practices. Prior to practicing law, Thompson gained his experience serving as Chief Counsel for Team. Team is considered to be one of the largest providers of sales aids for distributors within the network marketing industry. In other words, he has the experience, knowledge, and connections necessary to help entrepreneur’s businesses take-off in good and legal standings.

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Kevin Grimes - Network Marketing Attorney

Kevin Grimes is one of the most experienced and accomplished MLM and network marketing attorneys in America. He has been working this industry for 29 years and has represented and advised a variety of multilevel marketing businesses with their slogans and verbiage.  Beyond his specializations in network marketing laws, Kevin Grimes serviced in areas including consumer protection and distributor compliance.  Aside from being a great lawyer, Grimes has a passion for helping low income and abandoned teens and has been a foster parent for 13 years.

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Scott Warren - MLM Attorney & Entrepreneur

Scott Warren is a MLM Attorney who works with and advises entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business. He advises them from the very beginning of formation, legal compliance, and operations to expansion. His specialization is in the organization and operation of network marketing companies and distributors around the world that are facing legal challenges. Warren also frequently works with the Government of Mexico’s Consumer Protection Service in attempt to assist his clients that are trying to expand their businesses into Mexico. Mr. Warren is also an author known for writing “Network Marketing and You: Legal Issues in Network Marketing” as well as“ Schemes and Scams”. Another publication he has coauthored on with industry expert Rod Cook that details network marketing legal issues in the United States. Scott Warren strives on building long term relationships with his clients and ensuring that all of their legal needs are met.  

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Gerry Nehra - MLM Attorney

Gerry Nehra is a MLM Attorney currenting working in a private practice in Michigan. He is one of few practicing attorneys that exclusively works with direct selling and multi-level issues. He has 46 years of legal experience. Some of Nehra's clients include Amsoil, Ardyss, Bing Han, Dove Chocolate, Eniva, Essentially Yours, Financial Destination, Gano Excel, Isagenix, Life Plus, Orovo, Pinnacle Communications, Wachters’ Organic Sea Products, and ViSalus Sciences.

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As you can see, each of these individuals bring something new to the table. Each have their strong expertise in network marketing and direct sales, and the legalities that might come up within the industry process. All have a little different to offer, whether that be years in practice or specific criteria that best fit your need. For more information please feel free to contact us!

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