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Making a Good MLM Testimonial

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What Makes a Good Testimonial?

A testimonial can be about products or the business opportunity and can be a written document or delivered personally. Therefore it is wise to teach Distributors to create different types of testimonials. The best testimonials are short and to the point. If a distributor attempts to deliver a product, an opportunity, or company testimonial all at the same time the testimonial becomes too long and loses its impact. 

There are four parts to a testimonial. 

  1. Share your name, professional or personal background, as well as where you are from. 
  2. Share how you were introduced to the company or product. 
  3. Share your experience with the product; state the facts and the results; what is the challenge? How is it different now? 
  4. Finally, keep it positive with no medical or income claims. Additionally, do not discuss former companies or the results with other company’s products. 

Example: I am Stephanie from Clearwater, Florida and I am a 4th grade teacher. My best friend told me about this incredible product that I just had to try. I had difficulties sleeping. For whatever reason, I could not sleep 6 hours straight which led to me being grouchy and miserable at my job. Then I started taking the product and within a few nights I was sleeping like a baby and felt more energized and refreshed in the mornings.

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